gestational diabetes, not as bad as you think


Dipika is a pharmacist who specializes in diabetes. With her first-born, she experienced Gestational diabetes, which is more common amongst pregnant women than we had realized.  In this post, she shares with us the medical advice and the treatment she was given, along with feelings of her personal experience.

I was around 24 weeks pregnant with my first-born when my OB/GYN told me I had gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes (GDM) is a form of diabetes you only get while being pregnant. The exact cause is unknown but thought to be due to the production of hormones from the placenta. These hormones block the production of insulin from the pancreas which in turn increases the glucose (i.e. sugar) in the mother’s blood. I wasn’t exactly surprised or scared to  hear that I had GDM as I have a long family history of diabetes. Even though my family history made me higher risk, it’s important to note that ANYONE can develop GDM as it’s more the production of hormones from the placenta. [Read more…]

tips on a smooth transition into pre-school

My oldest daughter Nyah started preschool when she was 18 months old. Since she was our first child, my husband and I were terrified. So many questions ran through our head: Are we doing the right thing? Is she old enough? What if something happens to her? It didn’t help that we had heard all of these horror stories about kids starting school. They were sick all the time, or they were being bit or hit by other kids constantly. Since we were already uneasy about making the decision these things just made it worse. All kinds of scenarios about what could happen to our child ran through our head.
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fitness for the whole family

Last month, I posted about one true way to get into shape: sign-up for a race and buy a cool pair of running shoes.  Today, I am writing to say that my gimmick worked. It’s funny how those bright pink shoes motivated me to get into shape. I finished the half marathon without stopping and had one of the best weekends of my life!

Why was it so amazing? I realized while running the race that this was a special weekend for my family. A weekend where we were making memories. My son is 4 ½, so he’s at that age where he will remember key events in his life and I’m hoping that this was one of them.

Disney Run

Let me set the stage. The race day weekend theme was Star Wars. 3-2-1, go! Wearing a Darth Vader costume, my son took off for his first-ever race. It was a 200m run through the Downtown Disney District in Anaheim. My husband and I ran side-by-side with him. In the last few seconds of the race, my son pulled ahead and won. He was greeted at the finish line with cheers from the fans, a big Star Wars medal was placed on his neck and he earned his first-ever finisher’s t-shirt. He was so happy! [Read more…]