8 tips on what to do with your kids art work

8 tips on what to do with your kids art work

Everyday my daughter and son come home with some kind of artwork that was done at school. Being that she is in first grade now, I have seen less from my daughter, but with my son being in a Pre-k class, I still see new work brought home everyday. It can be frustrating at times and there is always that lingering guilt of throwing it away, so here are some alternatives that can help you preserve these precious memories (you may not feel this way now but trust me you will be glad you saved them). [Read more...]

children’s book giveaway: the diwali gift

When I was approached by the mom-preneurs behind 3 CuriousMonkeys (Shuchi Mehta & Shweta Chopra) to review their first book release The Diwali Gift, I jumped at the chance.  The vision these moms have is to make “Indian culture more accessible, relevant and relatable for young children.” In their words, “3 Curious Monkeys lets your child experience the traditions and culture of India in a modern, interactive way.”  And after checking out their first book and app, I totally agree.

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our picks for unique halloween costumes

Fall is officially here and all those super fun holidays are coming up.  It begins with Halloween and this year we wanted to share our picks for unique costumes other than the standard superheros and princesses.  While there are sure to be lots of fearless Bat Mans and an adorable Ella or ten from Frozen on our doorsteps, these costumes are different and hopefully will inspire you to think outside the box for even a more memorable night of trick-or-treating!

Enjoy 13 of our favorites and let us know what your little people are going to be this year!

-Chai Mommas

baby peacock

how cute would your sweet pea be as a cute little peacock?

twister game

let's do the twist!

baby chef

for all those little people who love to whip up pretend cookies and pizza for their family!

bottle o' ketchup

ok...how fun is this one?

ups driver

something different especially for the little dudes who love the delivery guys and their trucks more than the actual packages that come to the door. :)

baby baseball

batter up! keep your baby cozy in this adorable base BALL costume.

candy corn

who doesn't devour fistfuls of this yummy candy during this time of year?

bollywood dancer

for all those girls who can't stop moving to the sounds of bollywood!

garden gnome

cuter than the one that's outside your neighbor's house, for sure.

amelia earhart

calling all future pilots out there!

flower pot

i'm a little flower pot, short and cute!


peanut...peanut butter and JELLY!


show off their colorful side...crayons can be unique for all those budding artists!