product review: DHC cleansing oil

DHC Cleansing Oil Review

The DHC Cleansing Oil is my first shot at this new (for me) concept and I cannot stop raving about it.  Cleansing oils have been around for a minute, but sadly this is my first time trying one even though I’ve been reading about them obsessively on all the beauty blogs for forever and a day…

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9 lessons I have learned as a mom in her 30’s

9 lessons I have learned as a mom in her 30's

The other night I started thinking about how different I am from when I turned 30 to now.  Okay it’s only been 5 years (not even) but I was doing a self reflection and realized that I have grown so much and learned to focus on the things that really matter. We all say we…

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toddler discipline book review: no bad kids

toddler discipline

I recently came across the book No Bad Kids by Janet Lansbury on toddler discipline and thought of how beneficial it would be for parents everywhere. Let me tell you how it started. So we have a white couch. We got it during my pregnancy in our not so baby safe beach home since it went perfectly…

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fruit and veggie salad and dressing recipe

mom's salad

What’s better than having a salad full of fresh fruits and veggies on a hot summer day?  My mom has been making this salad and dressing recipe for my family for years and it is always a hit. It has a little bit of sweet and salty taste which brings a great flavor to the salad….

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death of a baby…how to help a friend cope

helping someone with loss of baby

I’ve been wanting to write this post on coping with the death of a baby for a couple of years now. I won’t go into the exact sequence of events which led me to finally write it now but to summarize, it began with recent comments regarding the way I’ve handled my infant son’s death. Again…

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11 types of parents you see at school


My kids have been in daycare/preschool since the age of 1 and over the years I have noticed so many different types of parents at drop off and pick up.  The list below is not written to judge any type of mom, I just think it’s quite entertaining after 5 years of it because I feel like I…

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south asian marriage: the infamous bio data

bio data of an indian girl

Okay, so I have a daughter and it got me thinking about south asian marriage: and the infamous bio data. And while she’s only three, there are incidents that I go through as a woman and think, I hope she does not ever have to feel that way. It’s probably what my mother thought being…

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