Magicflix App: Must-have for families

Being a mom of a 1 and 4 year old, it is always challenging to keep them entertained ALL the time. One of the biggest challenges I do have with my 4 year old is if I do allow him to watch something on the iPAD or a smartphone, I always have a worry in the back of my mind that he may click on something that is totally inappropriate, even if it’s an advertisement. He may not do it on purpose but things are always popping up with our video streaming apps that make me nervous.  I was so excited when I came across this amazing concept created from 3 moms who really strive to make the mobile world a safer place. It’s called Magicflix.


What’s so cool about it?
They are creating an app called Magicflix which is a worry-free video service for kid ages 12 and younger. Featuring a variety of fun educational and entertaining videos. They not only have a vigorous curation process to ensure the videos are promoting positive learning and age appropriate but the videos are global. They break apart their videos in very educational categories that really appeal to parents and the children. Some of my favorite categories include Zoo, Math, Music, Spanish and Science.  And this takes care of my biggest worry…advertisements! This app has no advertisements so the risk of your children clicking on inappropriate links is gone!

How does it work?
They are releasing the beta version soon so make sure you sign up for it. The best part is if you sign up you are entered to win a Google Nexus 7 Tablet!


Go to the Magicflix website now and sign up for the beta version if you want to check it out.

5 ways to get your mind and body back


My husband and I are at a point in our life where we are content with our family! We have 3 children.  My eldest is 6, the middle is 4, and the youngest is 17 months.  My husband and I always wanted a big family.  My husband has 3 other siblings so he is use to a big family, where I am an only child and missed out on the fun of having siblings, so I knew that when I had kids I definitely wanted more than one.  Fortunately for me my dream came true and we have been blessed with the 3 wonderful children.  As we all know though, with that blessing comes great responsibility, so unfortunately for us as adults this means very limited time for ourselves.  With children, you have to make an effort to find the time to take care of YOU.  This is something I have really focused on for the past few months.  I have made time to take care of my mind and body because ultimately this helps me to be a better mother and wife.

In my experiences, I have realized that life is too short.  I lost my dad at a very young age (57) and it took a toll on all of us, emotionally and physically.  Because of this I have learned to pay more attention to the happy details and moments in life because they really are precious, and to let go of all the little negative things that often times consume us.  Focus your energy on the positive things in life and trust me you will feel much more at peace.  Here are five tips to help you focus on getting your mind and body back to where you want it to be: [Read more...]

our modern diwali traditions

Although we may be doing things a little differently than our parents and grandparents, we still love everything that surrounds the holiday of Diwali and passing along the traditions that we’ve grown up with to our little ones – just with a slight twist.   Check out our list of modern Diwali traditions that you still have time to try this year.

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