13 signs you found your mommy best friend

Mommy Best Friend

When my husband and I moved to San Diego, we didn’t know a single person.  We didn’t have kids, we had new jobs and I was already missing the East Coast life.  After a few months we ended up buying a house and knowing someone on our street..what a small world!  None of our families…

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from your big sister


Just in a few days, it is raksha bhandan, an Indian holiday that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. So it got me thinking of course about my own siblings…. I have a younger sister and younger brother and while they both have been pains in my rear end at times, they are truly the…

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top 7 potty training items and tips


There are many battles that come along with potty training! I have gone through it with all three of my kids and each one threw me their own obstacle.  There is so much frustration on your part and the part of your kids but the success can be so rewarding! Once your child is potty…

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tips for working from home moms


Recently, I became a ‘working from home mom’ again by designating time each week where I wouldn’t go into the office.  What this has done for me, I can’t even begin to articulate.  Not having to get majorly ready in the mornings, being able to multi task with chores that I used to spend hours at night doing…

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resistant, mutant strains of lice found in 25 states


Recently, it’s been all over the news that there are resistant, mutant strains of lice found in 25 states. As if lice wasn’t already a problem, these new strains don’t respond to most over the counter treatments. The reason lice, and other insects, are increasingly becoming resistant, is because the active ingredients in most OTC concoctions…

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how to spend quality time with your kids

Quality time

What does it really mean when you ask yourself if you spend quality time with your kids? What exactly is “quality time? Once you become a parent, time starts going faster and faster.  You look at the clock and probably say, “it’s already 5:00pm, I still have so much work and need to prepare dinner,…

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tofu stuffed shells recipe


I made these stuffed shells after seeing a vegan lasagna at Whole Foods that was made with ‘tofu ricotta.’ I was totally inspired. I quickly googled how to replace ricotta cheese with tofu and found how simple it was, and decided to try it for my regular vegetable stuffed shells recipe. I made it when…

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