10 easy steps to create order in your playroom

organized playroom

Legos, crayons, dolls, play kitchen spoons. That’s what’s on the floor after my 2-year-old daughter’s whirlwind playtime.

My good friend Kathi Burns is a professional organizer, and when we spoke about ways to create order in the playroom, I knew I had to share her expertise with the mommas out there who also end up with Hello Kitty figures beneath their toes at least once a week. Here, she shares 10 ways to easily organize that kiddie chaos!

Keeping your child’s playroom organized is an ongoing and often daunting task. Everyday you put the toys away and everyday your kids pull them out again because they just want to play, play, play!

As a Professional Organizer, I feel that the biggest culprit of disorganization in kid’s playrooms is that there are simply too many toys!

With an overload of toy choices, your kids won’t stay focused on any single toy or game for long. Switching focus results in a mess of scattered random toys out of their bins at the end of playtime.

So, if your playroom is overflowing with toys, your biggest challenge will be to get rid of the toys that are not loved, used or needed. I realize that it is hard to know what to keep and what to toss because your child can play with one toy for a week and then forget about it for a month, only to come back around to it later.

Because of this, if your child (children) is old enough to participate, make sure that they are involved during this process.

By the way, it is never too soon to teach children organizational skills. Every child needs to learn basic organizing tactics and also begin to create the skill set of letting go of items that they no longer use, need or love. My youngest client is 5 years old and even though he can’t yet read, his 8-year-old sister helped him understand his file system by making labels that were pictures/images of what should be put into each folder.

 These 10 simple steps will help you create order in your playroom:

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15 free educational websites for kids of all ages

With my 4 year old starting Pre-K this year, I really wanted to find a way for him to use the computer but for educational purposes.  There are so many websites out there for kids to play educational games but I know as parents we often times don’t have time to sit and look through all of them.  I created a list of websites that I hope is helpful to others.  It’s not just for Pre-K kids, it’s for all ages.

Best Websites



1.         PBS Kids Org

This website is great for the younger ones from Pre-K to Kindergarten.  All their games relate to one of the PBS Kids shows and they have a variety of subjects such as letters, science, healthy habits, nature  and so much more.


2.        National Geographic for Kids

For those animal loving little ones, this website is great.  It’s full of short videos on various animals for your kids to learn fun facts, tons of quizzes to see what they are learning, recipes to try and even crafts.


3.        Funbrain

This is geared towards a bit older than Pre-K age but still a great site for videos and games on math and reading


4.     Starfall

This program taught my son to read before he turned 2!  It’s great and I know a lot of schools use this program also.  They focus on phonics in a way that kids really get it.  I started with the Starfall Learn to Read Collection for his to practice reading. [Read more...]

the very hungry caterpillar themed birthday party

1stbday*all photos taken by Tracy Van Dam www.tvdfotos.com  (Thank you Tracy for the amazing pictures)

My daughter just turned 1 and we were so excited to celebrate her birthday with The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. This is a book she has enjoyed since she was an infant and it is one of my all time favorite books to read to my children. As soon as I decided I wanted to use this theme for her party, there were a million ideas that ran through my head.  I immediately though of all the vivid colors I could use and how fun it would be to plan this party. My friends, family and I had a blast putting this party together (thank you)! Take a look at what we did! [Read more...]