thanksgiving side dish: garlicky parsnip fries

parsnip fries Thanksgiving is just around the corner and how many of you are looking for a different kind of side dish? Here is a real yummy, tasty and healthy side dish that the whole family will enjoy! Once again Nipa  has come up with an amazing recipe, make sure to check out her garlic-lemon zoodles recipe as well! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! [Read more…]

10 things your friends won’t understand until they have kids


I remember before I had my first child, I made it to every happy hour, GNO (girls night out), date night, and Vegas trip. But like with everyone else, after having kids my priorities changed. Being one of the first of my friends to have kids I also know how it is to have to defend decisions I made regarding my kids to friends who don’t have them. It can be frustrating for both sides, and hopefully you can relate to or learn from some of the points in this article.  [Read more…]

tuesday tip: simple way to remove a splinter

5998567606_e72cf3dbde_zHave a splinter you can’t get rid of? Is your finger throbbing with pain? This can be painful for children as well as adults, and you definitely dread having to tweeze and poke it!!  Need a simple solution to remove it? Check out this video for quick, painless way to get rid of those nasty splinters.

Hope this tip is helpful! It has been very helpful in our household, since the kids are not afraid anymore of us trying to take a splinter out with a tweezer!