5 completely nontraditional thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving Sides Recipes: Vegetarian Stuffing and Potatoes

So I’ll be honest. My family never got into the Thanksgiving feast thing.

But if you are from an immigrant family, you totally know what I mean.

We are a first generation South Asian family and our turkey day traditions were untraditional to say the least…

Mostly I learned about American ways of celebrating it at school and at my friends homes where I was able to gobble up mac and cheese, string bean casserole and good ol’ mashed potatoes, (my veggie self never got into the turkey).

Nowadays, I’ve found myself making pumpkin pie, amongst other common dishes for our potluck Thanksgiving parties with friends…but of course with a twist of extra cinnamon and fragranced with cardamom, reminding me of flavors that felt traditional…to me.

But even if my parents didn’t do Thanksgiving the American way, we always, always filled the room with family love and gratitude.


Here’s 5 unique ways we celebrated…

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thanksgiving side dish: garlicky parsnip fries

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10 things your friends won’t understand until they have kids


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