green smoothie to the rescue recipe

Green Smoothie

When Christine shared this green smoothie recipe with us, my eyes lit up since I totally jived with what she said:

I picked my son up from pre-school after an intense heated yoga class. I knew that I needed something to rejuvenate. Green smoothie to the rescue!

I have totally been there after an intense yoga class. It feels like your body just CRAVES greens.

Here, she shares one of her favorite delicious green smoothie recipes that her son equally enjoys:) And how amazing is that for us mommas who are constantly finding ways to get veggies into our kids growing bodies!? Plus it only takes a few minutes!

I love making smoothies at home because not only are they delicious, but my son likes to help me prepare them. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of green smoothie recipes out there. I’ve tried a bunch of them. I knew that this one was a winner when my son said the words, “That’s super yummy! Can I have some more, please?” I hope that your family likes it just as much as mine does.

When it comes to green smoothies, I love using spinach because it provides a smooth texture (especially when paired with banana). It’s also nice to have a zing of citrus. Try this out and let us know, what’s your favorite green smoothie recipe? (I encourage you to experiment!)

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once upon a shower: book themed baby shower


momma to be


My friend Kristi is a teacher, so when a few of her close friends and I put together some ideas for her baby shower, it seemed BOOKS was the unanimous theme we decided on.

But we wanted to get more creative with the theme…I had stumbled upon some cute Martha Steward ideas on Pinterest, (which is a great tool for planning events), and decided to make the whole thing whimsical calling it, “Once Upon A Shower…”


once upon a shower


Teacher or not, it is truly a sweet way to celebrate a momma to be and her baby bump. Here’s how we planned all the fun details to welcome her baby boy and celebrate our glowing girlfriend! [Read more...]

6 things to remember if you’re trying to conceive after 35

I was the first of many of my friends to do a lot of the things that officially transition one into adulthood. I got married before most of them and I had kids before most of them. And for the record, I didn’t do either that early: 30 is when he put a ring on it. 32 and 34 when my buns popped out of the oven.  More and more women are waiting, as our society clearly shows.  They’re not settling until they find the right partner no matter their age and are waiting until their careers and finances are where they want them to be before becoming parents. There’s nothing wrong with that. I one hundred percent support my friends who are in this boat. But recently I’ve had several tell me that they are ready. Ready to give it a go.  So exciting!  But they are 35 and 36 and older. And while that is not ‘old’ or mean that it won’t happen for them, it certainly changes some things.

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