red, white and blue salad and dressing recipe

red white and blue salad

  Christine O’Connor is sharing another great recipe idea with us, just in time for the holiday weekend! If you missed her perfect parfait recipe with us last time, check it out since we loved it!  She has experience with writing for a local cooking newspaper and holds a corporate position with a healthy food…

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easy steps to take control of your laundry situation

laundry room

Written by: Hannah West Do you need to take control of your laundry situation?  Most time-consuming household chores like vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning out the fridge can stand to be done as seldom as once a week. But there’s one chore that seems to haunt you morning, noon, and night: laundry. Any time you attack…

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to the momma in tears at daycare


To the momma in tears at daycare…. I saw you momma.  I was helping my oldest one out of the van when I saw you.  You had just pushed open the school doors, your hand was over your mouth…tears flowed out of your sad, reddened eyes.  You headed straight for your car.  I saw you.  I…

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flax oatmeal banana power muffins recipe

Flax oatmeal banana muffins

You ever get that feeling of accomplishment when you find that 1 easy recipe that your whole family love and it’s healthy?  I recently made these flax oatmeal banana power muffins and I can’t tell you how much both my kids and husband love them!  It takes 10 minutes to make, they can be taken…

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tuesday tip: miracle eye makeup remover

eye make up remover

Ladies…I found a miracle eye makeup remover!  And I have to share right now. Many of you may already know about said miracle…but for those of you (like me) who have been living in the dark, spending way too much money on overpriced, irritating eye makeup removers leaving your under eye area way too dry…well,…

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