Dino-Mite Adventure: Yoga For Kids

I was excited to review the Gaiam Dino-Mite Adventure: Yoga for Kids DVD since I know, as a kids yoga instructor myself, there really isn’t anything like it out there! Plus, as a momma, yoga makes for a wonderful activity to do at home with my little one.

My good friend, author and master kids yoga teacher Jodi Komitor leads each session in this hour-long DVD. Jodi is the founder of Next Generation Yoga, one of the first yoga studios in the world and who I trained with back in 2012.

The theme of all the 4 yoga sessions is dinosaurs. It was ideal for us since my daughter just had dinosaur lessons in preschool last month! Here are the 4 sessions:

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10 tips to keeping your car organized with kids

Organize Car

After a long week of drop offs, pick ups, running to activities, not sure about you all by my car looks like I lived in it for a week! Taking snacks on the go and throwing every sports ball known to man in the car to get out that door.  Let’s not even talk about what gets thrown on the carpets; sometimes I can make an entire sandbox in my backyard!  Have you ever looked what’s really inside your kid’s car seat?  Probably an entire meal.

Yes and sometimes it gets a funky smell from probably a spilled milk or your kid throwing up.  How much can we maintain this car that is constantly being torn apart?  I recently set a regimen for myself to keep this thing intact because it got to the point where even I had no desire to ride in my own car…pretty gross!  Here is what I do…

  1. Invest in a handheld vacuum and clean once a week:  Take those floor mats out and vacuum up those meals.  Run that thing all over the seats, floors, trunk, anywhere that you can vacuum, do it.  If it’s your first time in a long time, you may need to empty that handheld and go for round 2.  I recommend buying the Black & Decker CHV1510 Dustbuster 15.6-Volt Cordless Cyclonic Hand Vacuum.  It’s great for cars and a great price for how well it cleans.
  2. Grab some more wipes and this time not for your babies booty:  Most wipes for cars are full of chemicals so you rather use something a bit more natural.  Wipe down the seats, dashboard, door handles and anything else you can once a week.
  3. Follow your trash days at home:  Grab a large grocery bag and take out all the trash out of your car the same day as trash day at your house.  That stuff accumulates so the more often you take it out, your car won’t be so funky!
  4. Freshen up those carpets:  Invest in a natural carpet powder to help get that residue out of your carpets.  I only do this like twice a month but it does wonders.  My car smells like new!  I recommend the Eco-Me Carpet Freshener.  It’s totally natural and great for cars.
  5. Invest in a mini trashcan:  Keep a trashcan in the car so when it’s time for trash day you are not climbing all over the car picking up pieces of food, artwork or random toys your kids will never play with.  Don’t get a huge trashcan because if you forget to empty it your car will smell.  I love the Mod Mobile Auto Trash Bag.
  6. Add car seat washing into your laundry routine:  As if you didn’t have enough laundry right?  Those car seat covers can simply get thrown on hand wash or delicate in the washing machine.
  7. Unload what you loaded:  At the end of the day I know we are so exhausted but if you are coming back from nonstop activities, take an extra few minutes and unload the sports balls, uniforms and anything else you have.  You will be thankful in the am when you are trying to rush out the door and you really have no time to do it.
  8. Buy yourself a car organizer:  Now I can’t express how much this is so worth every penny!  Keep the essentials you need in there rather than throwing random stuff in the car each time you are leaving to go somewhere. I recommend the Backseat Organizer by Cozy Greens.  It has so many pockets and one part is detachable if you need to take it with you.
  9. Get a document organizer:  I keep my coupons in my car as well as some other documents I need on the go.  If you don’t keep them contained you will find them under the seats, stepped on by your kids or shoved into the most random places. I recommend this coupon wallet.  It’s awesome because you can take it in the store with you and just looks like a purse.
  10. Create an emergency kit for clean ups:  Get a small basket and put some Clorox wipes, baby wipes, a wash cloth, napkins, plastic cups, grocery bags and some sanitizer.  Keep the cups in case you need to throw some snacks in there and you don’t have containers.


tuesday tip: how to keep sliced avocados from turning black


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