why i’m glad my husband isn’t perfect


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I haven’t thought about what it would be like if I was married to someone like Noah, (Ryan Gosling), in The Notebook. My husband isn’t the type to buy me flowers every evening or serenade to wake me up for the full course meal he made. He doesn’t make public announcements of his undying love for me and tell others that “I had him at hello.”

His versions of romantic gestures include biting my arm, (playfully!), while I’m cooking or getting me our wedding flowers for occasions like my birthday. Sometimes, out of the blue, he even picks up a nice energy stone necklace from a store he knows I’d like.

He isn’t the type to plan a whole weekend of surprises for me, (he says I’m better at planning), and he likes to just go for the ride. But if he has to plan something, (like when he proposed to me or my 30th birthday party), he goes all out and doesn’t hold his heart back with anything.

He doesn’t tell me I look beautiful when I want to hear it at times, but when I’m least expecting it, in the most random moment, he shows me. He hugs me and says I look nice. He means it with his eyes.

And while he rarely, ok never, touches the dishes…actually, there’s no follow-up with this one. He never does them and yes, that can get annoying.

But we live in this world, especially on social media, where it seems like women need to tell others how amazing their spouses are. I sometimes scroll down my Facebook news feed, and see the word perfect associated with the many elaborate date nights hubbies’ planned for friends, the special gifts boyfriends bought their girls and while I am happy for them, it makes me wonder.

Are we breeding a culture where what we get and do for another is rewarded by public “likes”?

Is love turning into a “likes” contest?

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making meal planning easier for your family

Trying to figure out what to make for dinner every night is a process.  After work I feel like I have a 30 minute window of opportunity to get a healthy meal cooked and on the table before the “I’m hungry mommy” or the “I’m too tired to eat” comments start from the little ones.  I used to try and put a elaborate meal that took over an hour to make and that only left my kids cranky because I always ran late..my husband frustrated because he came home to a super cranky house and one exhausted mom.

In those moments it is easy to just give in and pick up some fast food but for my family my priority was trying my best to get a meal as healthy as possible on the table every night.  Yes please focus on the fact that I said “try to as healthy as possible“.  Don’t feel like you are a failure if you have to order pizza one night because guess what..you gotta keep your sanity also!

meal planning

Over the years I have really tried to become more efficient in meal planning with my family and I see such a huge difference.  I can happily say meal times are not stressful in our house anymore!  Here is what I did: [Read more...]

customized jewelry from three sisters design

Yesterday, we celebrated my sister-in-law and her baby to be with a small lunch get together.  This is Swati’s third baby – another sweet baby girl will soon be joining our family (so excited!) and even though she didn’t particularly desire another shower or sprinkle, she was convinced to let us at least coordinate an intimate Sunday lunch with just a few of the girls.  Something that every momma needs before the crazy fun of having a newborn in the house begins.

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